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(starting 9/20/2007)
*applause* on 04/22/2012 In topic
ohh the irony... if only you knew
*applause* on 07/13/2010 In topic
Just cause!
*applause* on 04/10/2010 In topic
Heineken? *fudge* that *feces*! Pabst Blue Ribbon!
*applause* on 03/19/2010 In topic
So on, so forth, yadda, yadda, yadda...
*applause* on 03/16/2010 In topic
Mr. Super long coffee orderer
*applause* on 01/18/2010 In topic
Pants on the ground!
*applause* on 12/23/2009 In topic
The worst thing is, I bought one for Christmas!
*applause* on 10/07/2009 In topic
Fool me--you can't get fooled again
*applause* on 06/26/2009 In topic
Demi Moore surrenders
*applause* on 06/04/2009 In topic
nice work
*applause* on 06/02/2009 In topic
Peelin' the onion baby
*applause* on 05/09/2009 In topic
*applause* on 02/27/2009 In topic
just cuz
*applause* on 01/15/2009 In topic
purple ducks and blue diamonds!
*applause* on 01/05/2009 In topic
Teed's package
*applause* on 11/08/2008 In topic
*applause* on 11/01/2008 In topic
All of his base don't belong to him
*applause* on 10/28/2008 In topic
And all of them in the palm of our hand! Yea boobies!
*applause* on 10/10/2008 In topic
small penis humor cracks me up everytime
*applause* on 09/23/2008 In topic
Laugh my ass off!
*applause* on 08/21/2008 In topic
It's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain
*applause* on 08/07/2008 In topic
LMAO! Classic!
*applause* on 08/07/2008 In topic
give em hell
*applause* on 08/07/2008 In topic
Karma flood.
*applause* on 08/07/2008 In topic
this better be your own or else I'll smite you daily
*applause* on 08/07/2008 In topic
this is what karma is all about
*applause* on 07/31/2008 In topic
It appears Judge Judy knows how to get under the desk. :)
*applause* on 07/16/2008 In topic
*applause* on 07/15/2008 In topic
*applause* on 07/09/2008 In topic
major clive spankage :)
*applause* on 07/08/2008 In topic
*applause* on 06/26/2008 In topic
ainge pwnz mchale
*applause* on 06/16/2008 In topic
hee hee
*applause* on 06/06/2008 In topic
that was just plain funny
*applause* on 05/23/2008 In topic
ooooooooo, oooooooooooooo - pick me
*applause* on 05/22/2008 In topic
Thanks! :)
*applause* on 05/07/2008 In topic
hair of the dag
*applause* on 04/26/2008 In topic
Strohling on the floor laughing
*applause* on 04/25/2008 In topic
No sleep til Brooklyn.
*applause* on 04/08/2008 In topic
nice work there
*applause* on 03/27/2008 In topic
Clive/UB and Robin Hood - Men in "tight"
*applause* on 03/13/2008 In topic
Because I Can!
*applause* on 02/26/2008 In topic
*applause* on 02/14/2008 In topic
lol :)
*applause* on 02/08/2008 In topic
Karma for your smegma beta caps still on
*applause* on 02/06/2008 In topic
aerosmith rules
*applause* on 02/05/2008 In topic
dude knows his wangs
*applause* on 02/05/2008 In topic
that was just plain funny
*applause* on 02/04/2008 In topic
Minnesnowta finger point :D
*applause* on 01/27/2008 In topic
no boat! lmao
*applause* on 01/24/2008 In topic
Too much Wikipedia. You're giving the illiterati a bad name.
*applause* on 01/14/2008 In topic
you can get cream for
*applause* on 01/13/2008 In topic
He's integrating. How else would he know the answer was Prov1x
*applause* on 01/13/2008 In topic
Housing Karma
*applause* on 01/13/2008 In topic
Hey Mike! LMAO.
*smite* on 01/06/2008 In topic
Not quite ready for the century mark.
*applause* on 01/06/2008 In topic
100, baby!
*applause* on 01/06/2008 In topic
*applause* on 01/04/2008 In topic
Ham Samwich! LMAO
*applause* on 01/01/2008 In topic
*applause* on 12/29/2007 In topic
When 900 years old you reach, drink so much you will not
*applause* on 12/27/2007 In topic
what you gonna do about it, granma?
*applause* on 12/21/2007 In topic
LMever loving AO
*applause* on 12/21/2007 In topic
For even thinking about Googling "stoned Thor".
*applause* on 12/20/2007 In topic
Hobbit Field Goals -- Booyah!
*applause* on 12/18/2007 In topic
LOL - Elronohim'd
*applause* on 12/13/2007 In topic
potent potables !
*applause* on 12/12/2007 In topic
Dwight Shrute rules!
*applause* on 12/11/2007 In topic
small screw, well that made me laugh.
*applause* on 12/10/2007 In topic
*applause* on 12/06/2007 In topic
tickled my childhood funnybone!
*applause* on 12/06/2007 In topic
+1 for all the help
*applause* on 12/04/2007 In topic
Arguably karma-worthy
*applause* on 11/30/2007 In topic
for spacey/PBR pwnage
*applause* on 11/27/2007 In topic
picking out russian typos. brezhnev surrenders
*applause* on 11/16/2007 In topic
LOL at your sig, vidi vici veni
*applause* on 11/14/2007 In topic
Pic *trollop* back at ya. Randy Quaid - classic
*smite* on 11/07/2007 In topic
yet another sick anal intercourse joke--getting worried...
*applause* on 11/04/2007 In topic
hahah Groundskeeper Willie!
*smite* on 11/04/2007 In topic
'F' in AP satire, recommend remedial coursework
*applause* on 11/04/2007 In topic
Karma the "old fashioned"way...EARNED!
*applause* on 10/31/2007 In topic
funny smart ass comment
*applause* on 10/28/2007 In topic
The bar is right on but the dude is just a righteous brother!
*applause* on 10/26/2007 In topic
Uisce: Got any Irish in you love?
*applause* on 10/26/2007 In topic
beer and apple...genious
*applause* on 10/26/2007 In topic
great youtube find dixie chicks
*applause* on 10/25/2007 In topic
Dixie Chicks!!!!
*applause* on 10/18/2007 In topic
chimpy mcflightsuit
*applause* on 10/17/2007 In topic
"wafer",very nice. Back to shaking your wife's best friend now
*applause* on 10/16/2007 In topic
mercy sakes alive looks like we got us a convoy
*applause* on 10/14/2007 In topic
cum or sans. brilliant. lol
*applause* on 10/10/2007 In topic
Liberal sprinklings of comedy. Thanks for sharing.
*applause* on 10/09/2007 In topic
For Clive pwnage. Hi yo!
*applause* on 09/28/2007 In topic
Lee Harvey, YOU are a madman!
*applause* on 09/25/2007 In topic
LOL bear *feces* woods *fudge* that was funny
*applause* on 09/25/2007 In topic
because he is just so cute & ****y!!!!
*applause* on 09/21/2007 In topic
because he is so funny
*applause* on 09/21/2007 In topic
karma fairy
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