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Name: Uisce Beatha
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(starting 9/20/2007)
*applause* on 09/23/2009 In topic
Best poll on golfhos.
*applause* on 08/25/2009 In topic
he doesn't see colour!
*applause* on 08/07/2009 In topic
Clever one, that UB.
*applause* on 08/03/2009 In topic
for coming up with the "vile weed" clip from Seinfeld.
*applause* on 07/30/2009 In topic
hehe :)
*applause* on 06/02/2009 In topic
It's up.......It's good!
*applause* on 05/23/2009 In topic
Very well written post. Sums up my feelings almost exactly.
*applause* on 05/18/2009 In topic
But don't think I feel good about it.
*applause* on 04/06/2009 In topic
*applause* on 02/10/2009 In topic
Bwahahaha - *fudge* sony!
*applause* on 02/08/2009 In topic
Long sleeve shirt, shorts, flip flops. God love ya.
*applause* on 01/26/2009 In topic
lmao :)
*applause* on 01/15/2009 In topic
You tell Chicago Aske is comin', and Hell is comin' with him.
*applause* on 09/06/2008 In topic
mild salsa lol
*applause* on 09/02/2008 In topic
Why does karma hate LOL?
*applause* on 08/29/2008 In topic
Good dig at me
*applause* on 08/18/2008 In topic
A Vikings Love boat joke! Brilliant.
*applause* on 08/11/2008 In topic
Good as it gets.
*applause* on 08/07/2008 In topic
this is what karma is all about
*applause* on 08/06/2008 In topic
appreciates the love between a man and his Tiger
*applause* on 08/02/2008 In topic
drunk hobbits ftw!
*applause* on 07/29/2008 In topic
Soft Cell!
*applause* on 06/24/2008 In topic
esotericism ftw
*applause* on 06/20/2008 In topic
Keepin' it real FTW.
*applause* on 05/24/2008 In topic
aske beat down, pricless! :)
*applause* on 05/22/2008 In topic
give em hell!
*applause* on 05/19/2008 In topic
It's like some sort of *fudge*in' mutual admiration society.
*applause* on 05/01/2008 In topic
Bravo! You fooney fooker!
*applause* on 05/01/2008 In topic
Chim chiminy chim chiminy chim chim cheroo
*applause* on 04/18/2008 In topic
*applause* on 04/14/2008 In topic
LOL You irreverent bastard!
*applause* on 04/04/2008 In topic
Oh, you so funny!
*applause* on 04/03/2008 In topic
He posts, I laugh.
*applause* on 03/31/2008 In topic
t3ap0t d0m3
*applause* on 03/25/2008 In topic
full mental = fuzzmental woot!
*applause* on 03/24/2008 In topic
Say it loud, say it proud.
*applause* on 03/17/2008 In topic
Too funny
*applause* on 03/12/2008 In topic
Owed karma
*applause* on 03/09/2008 In topic
76 year old snatch.
*applause* on 02/29/2008 In topic
*applause* on 02/15/2008 In topic
Starship Trooper Karma
*applause* on 02/08/2008 In topic
Hard to beat a good gay concierge.
*applause* on 02/07/2008 In topic
lol. funny proles
*applause* on 01/11/2008 In topic
You complete me.
*applause* on 01/10/2008 In topic
LOL Paul Harvey surrenders.
*applause* on 01/09/2008 In topic
Without warning, a wizard walks by.
*applause* on 12/29/2007 In topic
Not a bad worsmith for a drunk Irishman.
*applause* on 12/19/2007 In topic
Appalachian St. thanks you
*applause* on 12/18/2007 In topic
Ashes to Ashes
*applause* on 12/12/2007 In topic
funny bunny.
*applause* on 11/30/2007 In topic
Murderous Arbor. ; )
*applause* on 11/01/2007 In topic
Magellan. Hi Yo! LOL
*applause* on 10/29/2007 In topic
LMAO Ray Lewis. Bravo.
*applause* on 10/27/2007 In topic
enuf fgi bashing. agreed.
*applause* on 10/22/2007 In topic
Keep America Beautiful! :'(
*applause* on 10/18/2007 In topic
justice stewart in teh haus
*applause* on 10/17/2007 In topic
because you think that a stroh buggering would be magic!!!
*applause* on 10/15/2007 In topic
That was the cats ass!
*applause* on 10/08/2007 In topic
For hours of entertainment.
*applause* on 10/08/2007 In topic
email pop server piss on rules! whatever that means.
*applause* on 10/05/2007 In topic
wordsmith! :o
*applause* on 09/25/2007 In topic
The Elf
*applause* on 09/21/2007 In topic
*applause* on 09/20/2007 In topic
nice one
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