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(starting 9/20/2007)
*applause* on 01/12/2012 In topic
how fitting!
*applause* on 07/16/2010 In topic
Great "shot".
*applause* on 03/24/2010 In topic
Great minds............
*applause* on 03/15/2010 In topic
Making meat sound more edible all the time.
*applause* on 12/05/2009 In topic
mmmm, irony!
*applause* on 11/21/2009 In topic
LOL Well done.
*applause* on 11/08/2009 In topic
*applause* on 09/03/2009 In topic
how 'bout a Blader Industries Inc b-card??
*applause* on 08/23/2009 In topic
*applause* on 08/13/2009 In topic
lmao :)
*applause* on 08/02/2009 In topic
lmao! gilgamesh...pirates...on fire today
*applause* on 07/26/2009 In topic
*applause* on 05/21/2009 In topic
On point as always. LOL
*applause* on 04/13/2009 In topic
Yeah. You did.! LOL
*applause* on 02/27/2009 In topic
just cuz
*applause* on 01/27/2009 In topic
brilliant!!! you are a credit to the intertubes
*applause* on 01/24/2009 In topic
Jm J. Bullock
*applause* on 01/24/2009 In topic
Well played.
*applause* on 01/11/2009 In topic
The Chicken FTW!!!
*applause* on 12/17/2008 In topic
yes we can
*applause* on 12/08/2008 In topic
no sausage was wasted made me laugh
*applause* on 11/08/2008 In topic
*applause* on 10/10/2008 In topic
small penis humor cracks me up everytime
*applause* on 10/10/2008 In topic
It's just not my bag baby.
*applause* on 09/22/2008 In topic
Hell Yah!
*applause* on 09/05/2008 In topic
*fudge* yeah!
*applause* on 08/22/2008 In topic
for excellence in deployment of a Thomas Berger character
*applause* on 08/21/2008 In topic
went over my head the first time :)
*applause* on 08/07/2008 In topic
this is what karma is all about
*applause* on 07/27/2008 In topic
Green slave women ROCK....
*applause* on 06/22/2008 In PM
({}) LOL
*applause* on 06/15/2008 In topic
*applause* on 05/21/2008 In topic
You're so good.
*applause* on 05/21/2008 In topic
Land O Lakes wink
*applause* on 05/07/2008 In topic
*applause* on 04/05/2008 In topic
Post of the Year
*applause* on 04/03/2008 In topic
nice shirts!
*applause* on 04/03/2008 In topic
friedeggian in scope!!!! A true credit to his/her species
*applause* on 04/03/2008 In topic
nice post
*applause* on 04/02/2008 In topic
*applause* on 03/27/2008 In topic
You're so crafty! LOL
*applause* on 03/19/2008 In topic
Cold gin time again
*applause* on 03/17/2008 In topic
That's funny *feces* Ted!
*applause* on 03/13/2008 In topic
*applause* on 02/21/2008 In topic
Thanks for the astronomy lesson. :D
*applause* on 02/14/2008 In topic
Funny schtuff! Funny schtuff!
*applause* on 01/31/2008 In topic
at last, useful web content!!!
*applause* on 01/26/2008 In topic
She's like a millionaire, walking on importad air!
*applause* on 01/21/2008 In topic
Bush blamed for Bosox Series wins. Now it all makes sense.
*applause* on 01/20/2008 In topic
Thank You.
*applause* on 01/19/2008 In topic
Sellin' ice to Eskimos. LOL
*applause* on 01/07/2008 In topic
great double entendre
*applause* on 01/06/2008 In topic
Got Tammit! You make me laugh.
*applause* on 01/04/2008 In topic
For Outstanding Contributions in the Unmentionable Area!!!!!!!
*applause* on 01/01/2008 In topic
Happy (late) New Years! : )
*applause* on 12/31/2007 In topic
great browns fan video find
*applause* on 12/21/2007 In topic
*applause* on 12/21/2007 In topic
EXCUSE ME, your honor.
*applause* on 12/20/2007 In topic
Nice Bad Santa!
*applause* on 12/13/2007 In topic
You're a foogin' wild man. Impressive.
*applause* on 12/10/2007 In topic
*fudge* 'em.
*applause* on 12/06/2007 In topic
Sweet! I had one of those choppers.
*applause* on 11/27/2007 In topic
V'ger. LOL
*applause* on 11/21/2007 In topic
Oveur Unger.
*applause* on 11/07/2007 In topic
LOL Constanza surrenders. : )
*applause* on 11/05/2007 In topic
LOL Only post T.U.R.P. I hope.
*applause* on 10/26/2007 In topic
I owe you for Tuesdays hamburger! : )
*applause* on 10/26/2007 In topic
gleek is fruity!!!!
*applause* on 10/25/2007 In topic
You watch too much VH1! ; )
*applause* on 10/18/2007 In topic
W.C.'s nose......impressive. Brilliant.
*applause* on 10/16/2007 In topic
For getting to Stryper before i could
*applause* on 10/15/2007 In topic
I get it, but will JDerion?
*applause* on 10/08/2007 In topic
shore leave!! LMAO!
*applause* on 10/06/2007 In topic
karma fairy
*applause* on 10/05/2007 In topic
lol joycelyn elders!
*applause* on 10/04/2007 In topic
sweet soul brother, funny ass *feces*!
*applause* on 10/03/2007 In topic
fair is foul and foul is fair
*applause* on 09/27/2007 In topic
on a roll----LOL!!!!
*applause* on 09/23/2007 In topic
Thanks for the help offline
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Woman, open the door, don't let it sting. I wanna breathe that fire again.

E chu ta!
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