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(starting 9/20/2007)
*applause* on 09/18/2010 In topic
LOL @ at the Al Bundy reference!
*applause* on 02/07/2010 In topic
Mad shop skills!
*applause* on 12/03/2009 In topic
Gotta love Jerry Jones hate!
*applause* on 11/30/2009 In topic
Never Forget!
*applause* on 11/23/2009 In topic
*applause* on 10/07/2009 In topic
can't get enough of the kenny loggins beard
*applause* on 09/27/2009 In topic
He's junk.
*applause* on 09/02/2009 In topic
*applause* on 04/21/2009 In topic
That *feces*'s funny.
*applause* on 03/26/2009 In topic
literal coffee spit.
*applause* on 12/23/2008 In topic
LMAO, just think how she felt!
*applause* on 11/10/2008 In topic
Careful Johnny. I hear he's real fast.
*applause* on 11/09/2008 In topic
tjhat may be the coolest thing I've seen you type!
*applause* on 11/08/2008 In topic
that pic was great! lmao
*applause* on 10/25/2008 In topic
karma flood
*applause* on 10/25/2008 In topic
I hate to do this but that pic was funny! LMFAO
*applause* on 10/24/2008 In topic
Hell, I may change it to an avatr, ROFL....
*applause* on 10/24/2008 In topic
Kick ass NFL humor.
*applause* on 10/23/2008 In topic
snail trail use
*applause* on 10/22/2008 In topic
*applause* on 10/22/2008 In topic
Only you would come up with some penor comment about stroh!
*applause* on 10/08/2008 In topic
How can you not love Big Bone Lick State Park?
*applause* on 10/04/2008 In topic
That's *feces*'s funny.
*applause* on 09/29/2008 In topic
Vikes fan. Torpedo surrenders
*applause* on 09/25/2008 In topic
In what respect, Katie ?
*applause* on 09/22/2008 In topic
+1 for the Stillers.
*applause* on 09/22/2008 In topic
Heads it is.
*applause* on 09/04/2008 In PM
Helpful advice
*applause* on 08/28/2008 In topic
Konnery Karma
*applause* on 08/18/2008 In topic
LOL, farking beautiful.
*applause* on 08/07/2008 In topic
this is what karma is all about
*applause* on 08/06/2008 In topic
*applause* on 07/15/2008 In topic
Harding the *fudge* up.
*applause* on 07/14/2008 In topic
needs a hug
*applause* on 07/10/2008 In topic
Out-ed as a one-and-doner! LOL
*applause* on 07/10/2008 In topic
Being an asshat and admitting it.
*applause* on 06/27/2008 In topic
Ballsack!!! *goshdarn* brilliant.
*applause* on 06/26/2008 In topic
Funny *feces*!
*applause* on 06/24/2008 In topic
*applause* on 06/06/2008 In topic
Ouroboros reference! Awesome
*applause* on 05/30/2008 In topic
I *fudge*in' hate the law breaking *bunghole*s.
*applause* on 05/21/2008 In topic
You're the best Bush basher!
*applause* on 05/08/2008 In topic
LOL stwn3d!
*applause* on 05/01/2008 In topic
for being able to copy and paste with humor!
*smite* on 04/30/2008 In topic
blah maxi time beeyotch
*applause* on 04/23/2008 In topic
*applause* on 04/17/2008 In topic
Damn it. That's funny.
*applause* on 04/09/2008 In topic
mixing up me and Darla
*applause* on 04/04/2008 In topic
+1 you schmuck
*applause* on 03/22/2008 In topic
You're Uber Duber!
*applause* on 03/10/2008 In topic
Gay Focker!
*applause* on 02/22/2008 In topic
Phil Ivey! LMAO
*applause* on 02/22/2008 In topic
LMAO! You checked on that??
*applause* on 02/14/2008 In topic
lmao :)
*applause* on 02/13/2008 In topic
LOL plz don't cook me
*applause* on 02/13/2008 In topic
lol what a mental image
*applause* on 02/04/2008 In topic
sweet thread
*applause* on 01/24/2008 In topic
helpin' a lame ass brother!
*applause* on 01/20/2008 In topic
Thanks, keep checking your PayPal.
*applause* on 01/01/2008 In topic
sooner outlaws!
*applause* on 12/31/2007 In topic
Nice hat! LMAO
*applause* on 12/27/2007 In topic
lmao :)
*applause* on 11/26/2007 In topic
he compounded the words felch and gobbler
*applause* on 11/22/2007 In topic
*applause* on 11/22/2007 In topic
hehe "you couldn't make it in the nfl"
*applause* on 11/12/2007 In topic
Just missed. Brilliant.
*applause* on 10/28/2007 In topic
pwn3d Lions wide recievers!
*applause* on 10/25/2007 In topic
AV karma x10
*applause* on 10/16/2007 In topic
king of cryptician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*smite* on 10/02/2007 In topic
too concerned about karma
*applause* on 10/02/2007 In topic
karma *trollop*. ; )
*applause* on 10/02/2007 In topic
I bent my wookie
*applause* on 10/02/2007 In topic
50 fitty
*applause* on 10/02/2007 In topic
Even the soulless deserve good tidings
*smite* on 10/02/2007 In topic
48, beotch!!!
*smite* on 10/02/2007 In topic
most unstable
*applause* on 09/27/2007 In topic
Insert your own perverse Angelina Hillary nightmare/fantasy.
*applause* on 09/27/2007 In topic
*applause* on 09/25/2007 In topic
because I am sick of him having stable golfhos karma!!!!!
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