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Author Topic: Blader  (Read 1059 times)
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« on: November 02, 2009, 07:39:45 PM »

Curious how the second most interesting man in the world approaches the Falcons playing the undefeated Saints on a Monday Night Football Nationally televised venue?

Out with some friends with some pints at the pub?

Cozy at home with some IPA, you have left over from the last Blader compound soiree?

Maybe if you finish Miss Blader, and Blader Jr.s' extra-curricular affairs you will grab a glass of wine, and catch what's left of the second half?

Blader Jr. and I are watching teh World Series.  Ryan and teh Falcons are junk?

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Re: Blader
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2009, 08:53:25 AM »

Yes, it was a very very busy busy evening.  I multitasked.

Watched the two games while Mrs Blader and I composed a 'brag sheet' to be used by Miss Blader's school counselor to write letters of recommendation to college admissions offices. 

Miss Blader would wander in from time to time with questions about the college application forms she was filling out in another room ("Daddy, do you claim me as a dependent on your tax returns?") (Daddy, what do you think of this essay answer: "Perhaps my most significant life changing event was losing Jordan, my pet iquana, a year ago.  I gave it a neutral name because we didn't know if it was male or female when I first got it.  Over time, Jordan became a metaphor for a few of my friends, who grew through middle and high school as ****ually conflicted individuals in a society that frowns upon ****ualities that don't conform to norms, much in the way an iguana is among those outcast creatures apparently immune to the evolutionary forces that have shaped virtually all other species in the animal kingdom."

Blader Jr would wander in from time to time with something he pulled up on the intergoogles with his iPod, wanting to talk custom, black-oxide putter finishes.

No beers.  I'm suffering through a bit of a gout flair up, so the last thing one should do is consume yeasty foods and drinks at a time like this.

Considering how miserable the birds looked last week in Dallas, it was something of a delight to see them go toe to toe against the best team ever in the NFL.  I thought it was as thrilling a game as can be expected for a non-college game.  The falcons looked like they actually belong in the NFL and looked better than virtually any other NO opponent has looked this season. Two years ago, the falcons would have had trouble making it to the upper half of the Sundown Conference standings. Yet, true to form, they were their own worst enemy.  I take no real delight in seeing that Matt Shaub is outperforming Matt Ryan this year, even though I strongly argued for the former to be the birds quarterback of the future.

We flipped back and forth between the world series game.  I was as delighted to see Chase Utley hit his first home run ever with someone actually on base as I was disappointed to see my homey Ryan Howard strike out a record 14 times in a single at bat.  Win or lose, can you imagine how horrific it will be for him when this is all over?

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