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[Politics/Econ] go yell at some clouds, you old fart

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Author Topic: [Politics/Econ] go yell at some clouds, you old fart  (Read 1164 times)
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[Politics/Econ] go yell at some clouds, you old fart
« on: March 26, 2010, 01:14:17 PM »

let me get this right, the guy with such "great" forwards vision as to completely miss his policy action consequences wrt the housing bubble, just a few years after the dotcom crash , who in the wake of what, $50T of global wealth being destroyed in the last 3 years.... still thinks derivatives need to be unregulated,  now is listened to with such strength as to cause a several-hour 1.5% devaluation of the dollar to the euro ?!?!?!

please shut your mouth, you bitter old codger.

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