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computing set back 20 years

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Author Topic: computing set back 20 years  (Read 1584 times)
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computing set back 20 years
« on: October 23, 2006, 09:43:18 AM »,339271785,00.htm

since there are already, what... 5-10 known *fiddlesticks*overs of VISTA RC1,  the kernel is obviously not safe,    I know that I trust  microsuck to get a quality  AV/Firewall/Anti-mal  client developed in the next month... and to actually update it daily...


i guess we'll be buying our next pc earlier than expected... and putting XP and a nice FC5 install on it before it's too late.

what next?  illegal to download  non-MS products on an MS machine ?

not immediately... but I think this will be the death of MS.  either a nationwide keylogger wiping bank accounts, or  someone will develop a truly brutal hack that wipes the insall out and leaves the user with a useless license and a nice new $250 license fee to repair.

maybe in 10-20 years  , assuming the world isn't in ww4 or ww5,   we might get back to the glory days of 8-10 years ago

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