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Adrian Dater's Anti-ESPN Rant

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Author Topic: Adrian Dater's Anti-ESPN Rant  (Read 1234 times)
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Adrian Dater's Anti-ESPN Rant
« on: June 28, 2007, 11:55:47 AM »

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Adrian Dater's Anti-ESPN Rant
The June 28 Message column features excerpts from an anti-ESPN screed Denver Post sports writer Adrian Dater put on the newspaperís blog, and his superiors quickly removed. Fortunately, a keen-eyed reader saved the text before it disappeared entirely. Below, feast on Daterís entire piece, which kicks ass and names names in very entertaining fashion. It wonít take long for you to realize why Post editors didnít want you, or anyone else, reading it.
Do you hear me, Ed Werder? Do you hear me, Rachel Nichols? Do you hear me, Chris Mortensen? Do you hear me, Marc Stein? Do you hear me, ESPN producer schmucks? You didn't break JACK SQUAT. Some real journalist at a newspaper broke that story. You're nothing more than a bunch of pathetic piggybackers, trying to fool that gullible sports audience out there - of which you have legions of the duped tuning in daily. Oh, and here's a little shout out to guys like the Bill Simmonses of the world - guys who never did the real work of journalism but just love to sit from their on-high funnyman thrones and crack wise on the doings of those who could: Hey, I'm from New England - I AM YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC - and I'm even tired of your act. Thanks, Bill, for the 113th "column" on a Vegas trip last weekend. Hench, J-Bug, the line at McCarran, Seventh Circle of Hell, oh, it's all so fresh and funny, my man. Yes it was, the first 23 times I read it. Go out and hang by Jorge Posada's locker, as I did tonight, and ask why he stranded the bases loaded in the eighth inning to cost the Yankees a game. Then, come and lecture me about the newspaper business and how it's all so tired. If I didn't do what I did tonight, you wouldn't be able to do what you will do today, which is sit in your underwear, click on a story that a real journalist wrote, and then pass judgment to all the middle management drones out there in the workplace that pass their time in boredom reading your tired act.

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Re: Adrian Dater's Anti-ESPN Rant
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2007, 12:25:07 PM »

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