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today's old people rant! [Rant]

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Author Topic: today's old people rant! [Rant]  (Read 971 times)
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today's old people rant! [Rant]
« on: May 20, 2008, 10:04:57 AM »

so on the bus this morning....

bus driver pulls up to stop... as close as possible anyways given a delivery truck partially blocking it.  old lady and (presumed) husband waiting to get on. both with full walker apparatuses.  driver asks if he can pull up 50 feet or so to the available curb space so they can get in.  they refuse, "we can do it fine" ..... bus driver hits the hydraulic drop thing since he can't really be against the curb. neither can get up and on (several failed tries)  . driver offers to help them up, they indignantly refuse.  they try several more times. driver finally says, i'm pulling up to the available curb. they cave in "ok, fine".   after about 2 minutes more, they're finally onboard (this is 6-8 minutes of time elapsed) ... then they just stand in the doorway looking through their *feces* for ID cards.  it's painfully obvious these people are both disabled and very elderly.  the bus is free for people in these categories.  there's no need for the senior citizen id check for  66 year olds looking 59.  these people were both easily 85+.   anyways, the driver says "i don't need your cards, let's go"  meanwhile, they just keep rummaging around. finally he gives up and just starts pulling forward and they start to lose their balance and scream at him.     

now don't get me wrong, i'm not old, and i can only imagine that losing one's mobility, independence, dignity, sense of pride, etc  are very very painful and frustrating. however, your individual right to hang on to these things does not supercede the  time and rights of the other 50+ people on the bus ! , and all the other people waiting at future stops for a now very-very late bus!   accept it and move on wankers! 

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