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Doesn't 'WTF' pre-date the interwebs?

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Author Topic: Doesn't 'WTF' pre-date the interwebs?  (Read 1781 times)
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Doesn't 'WTF' pre-date the interwebs?
« on: June 25, 2008, 07:35:49 PM »

And did Ric Romero break this story?

RALEIGH -- Thanks to some text message-savvy grandchildren, North Carolina drivers whose license plates have the potentially offensive "WTF" letter combination can replace the tags for free.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Tuesday the state Division of Motor Vehicles has notified nearly 10,000 holders of license plates with the letter combination.

Officials learned last year the common acronym stands for a vulgar phrase in e-mail and cell phone text messages.

The DMV recently realized the same letters appeared on the sample license plate on its own Web site. Officials are trying to remove the plate from the site.

DMV officials got word of the plates last July when a 60-year-old technology teacher from Fayetteville complained about the plate after her teenage grandchildren clued her in.
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Re: Doesn't 'WTF' pre-date the interwebs?
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2008, 07:42:05 PM »

A similar sort of thing happened here with Number Plates being issued with COW.

Farmers thought it was a hoot, but some of the female population took offense at it.
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Re: Doesn't 'WTF' pre-date the interwebs?
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2008, 08:10:10 PM »

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Re: Doesn't 'WTF' pre-date the interwebs?
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2008, 05:09:00 AM »

Here in the Commonwealth, the offending plates had '*><><><*.' Shocked
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