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This is the way Golfhos ends...

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Author Topic: This is the way Golfhos ends...  (Read 3639 times)
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This is the way Golfhos ends...
« on: August 03, 2014, 09:16:17 PM »

... not with a bang, but with a *fudge* all.

Well, it was a good thing we had going. For a minute. The internet is a weird place. I'm glad for the opportunity I had to meet those who I did (Uisce-- wherever the *fudge* he went, Aske-- because *goshdarn* metal, Mike (I forget your user name, sorry)-- who I golfed with once, picked up a really nice mountain bike, and also some Jack Daniels single barrel...) And those of you I never got the chance to meet: Gleek, Stroh, Dystopia, Jules, Clive, that weird English dude who corrected me on my pronunciation of "twat"... Um... Little Ray, Jimmy the Fish, Tommy Two Nuts...

Anyway, I check back now and again, but I'm probably done checking back at this point. As are most of the rest of you too, it seems. Life happens. Family, kids, pr0n... that sort of thing. I don't even really golf anymore, so *fudge* it.

Thanks for the memories. Long ago though they were. If you're wanting to stay in touch, and god knows why you would, find me on Facebook. (Matt Palmer and/or spaceage.) If not, *fudge* all y'all bitches.  Headbang Wave Cheers Punch Balls Headbang Isaac Naughty Wave Thank you
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Re: This is the way Golfhos ends...
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2014, 04:47:52 PM »

You suck!  Grin
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