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in wake of the WB defection... toshiba strategy starts to unfold

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Author Topic: in wake of the WB defection... toshiba strategy starts to unfold  (Read 1400 times)
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in wake of the WB defection... toshiba strategy starts to unfold
« on: January 07, 2008, 11:55:15 AM »

Toshiba's  smartest possible remaining strategy-  part 1 likely - the switch to dual format hardware (legacy support for hd-dvd owners guaranteed)

part 2 would be to phase in twin/combo only single SKU  new day/date releases from universal and paramount.   this would ensure midterm demand for hd-dvd support as people buying new releases (not in BD and not for hdtvs  yet)  would have library hd-dvd whenever they do buy in to hdtv.  this would make dualformat players the defacto industry standard (hence toshiba/hddvd  and the bda  agree to 'swap-cancel' the licensing fees into eachothers products)  however, this would take some subsidies for at least a year in order to keep prices MSRP of under $20 (current sd dvd prices)  then again, if they did in fact have $400M to offer warner and lost out to BD's $500M offer,  why not spend it on something like this ?
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